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Suspension repair

Maintenance & Modifications

Our shop is equipped to handle a wide array of UTV services. We also handle installation of OEM and aftermarket parts. Call us today to see how we can help you with your ride.

Our UTV Services include, but are not limited to…

Oil Changes
Tire Changes
Brake Pads
Tire Rotations
ECU Mods

UTV Repairs

Whether your UTV needs repairs or to be rebuilt, we can handle whatever needs to be done. Call to schedule an appointment today.

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Insurance Claims

We work with most major insurance companies to help with a smooth insurance process whether it is a repair or a total loss . If you’re not sure if it’s covered under your policy, give us a call with any questions.

Insurance Companies we work with
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The UTV Shop Service Price List

Level 1

  • Change oil, oil filter, & washer
  • Clean air filter & air box (replace if needed)
  • Set tire pressure
  • Overall vehicle inspection
  • Reset maintenance light
  • Complimentary vehicle wash

Level 2

  • Everything included with Level 1 service
  • Blow out clutches & inspect drive belt
  • Grease chassis fittings
  • Top off transmission, differential, & coolant fluids
  • Hook up diagnostic port for codes

Level 3

Polaris: $285.99, Can Am: $385.99
  • Everything included with Level 1 & 2 service
  • Replace front and rear differential fluid
  • Replace gearcase fluid
  • Replace spark plugs
  • Inspect brake pads & rotors
  • Inspect alignment
  • Inspect lighting & switches
  • Clean battery & load test
  • Set tire pressure & wheel torque
  • Inspect front & rear suspension

Level 4

Polaris: $499.99, Can Am: $599.99
  • Everything included with Level 1, 2, & 3 service
  • Clean & inspect primary & secondary clutches
  • Flush cooling system
  • Flush brake system
  • Lube wheel bearings
  • Compression test
  • Check charging system & clean terminals
  • Inspect drive train
  • Grease zerk fittings
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